Friday, April 15, 2011

Protest Against Packy the Elephant's Imprisonment at the OR Zoo

Join the Radical Cheerleaders for Animal Rights...........

When: Sat April 16th 12-1:30pm
Where: Oregon Zoo Front Gate

Packy the elephant was born at the Oregon zoo nearly 50 years ago. He hasbeen confined in a tiny cell all of his life. The stress and captivity
have driven Packy mad: He is currently exhibiting behavior that is typical of the severe mental illness that is often caused in zoo animals by close confinement.

Packy's continued torture by confinement is not necessary: the people of
Portland voted in an enormous bond for the zoo for the purpose of creating
an off site preserve to retire the elephants to a more humane setting.
This was years ago. The zoo has the money, but the preserve is not yet a
reality, and Packy is still living out his life behind bars, in a concrete

This Saturday, the zoo is once again choosing to re-enact one of the
saddest rituals of Packy's long confinment: It will be his birthday again.
The zoo will be trotting Packy out to eat an "enrichment cake" in front of
adoring cameras and laughing families. No one will notice that the object
of their affections is not celebrating with them. No, he is suffering. And
it's time for that suffering to end.

Please join us this Saturday to remind the public that another year of
captivity and madness and beatings with a bull hook is nothing to
celebrate. The only gift Packy really needs this year is his freedom. We
will be meeting at the front gate of the zoo to ask that the public please
refrain from laughing at Packy's pain. Instead, let us all ask for an end
to his long confinement.


Learn the cheers........

Weeeeee're talkin' 'bout the world's/ largest land mammal
the elephant's endangered/ gonna blow out like a candle

In the wild they like to roam 30 miles a day
there's just nowhere to go when you're trapped in a cage

they form unnatural habbits and self-destruct
while the oregon zoo sits back and collects the bucks

if you want to give your children a good education
skip the zoo and teach 'em bout ANIMAL LIBERATION


Open up the Cage Door
Rise Up and Liberate!


Oregon Zoo
Hear Our Shout
Portland Wants Your Cruelty Out!


Elephant confinement ain't gonna fly
Elephants don't below this way
Open up the cages and set them FREE!!!!!


Concrete, Chains, Isolation, Pain
Oregon Zoo, Is to Blame
Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Bears
Oregon Zoo, doesn't care!


Born to be loved
Born to be free
Oregon Zoo
Let them be!

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Karma's Jelly Donut said...

thanks for the blog post. I almost applied for a job with the Oregon Zoological Foundation as a development coordinator/fundraiser, but I thought I should do my research first. Your post gave me all the information I need. Even though I'm HUNGRY for work, I WILL NOT support the Oregon Zoo until they at least fulfill their moral obligation (and promise to the voters) to create a happier home for their beasts.