Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scamps protest, activist arrested

The Radical Cheerleaders for Animal Rights performed yesterday in front of Scamps store inside Lloyd Center Mall to bring attention to Scamps' history of selling puppies from puppy mills. After the performance, an activist was aggressively detained by mall security resulting in angry shoppers expressing their disgust with the security guards.

Scamp's Pet store (located in Lloyd Center) is fond of saying their puppies come from kennels that are licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) implying that this offers some level of assurance regarding health and humane standards. The reality is that thousands of dogs spend much of their lives in cramped, cold and filthy cages as "breeding stock". In these USDA-approved conditions, adults and puppies are squeezed together, compete for food or water (if any is available) and endure a lifetime in tiny wire cages which damage their paws. They never get to feel the grass, have a toy, a treat, or chase a ball. Many go cage crazy running around in endless circles, driven mad by the frustrating hours of boredom and loneliness.

Scamps pet store was recently exposed in an undercover report by KGW Channel 8s Anne Yeager, who obtained veterinary records and interviewed multiple victims who have purchased sick and genetically defective puppies from Scamps. The story also tells how Scamps buys from puppy mills.


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Fredric said...

Good great! Great seeing some peaceful, pleasant advocacy for human treatment of animals, and yet I'm horrified at these violently insane Scamps security criminals assaulting innocent by-standers. Amazing. Scams abuses animals and they hire violent, insane criminals to assault shoppers. Amazing.

Anyone who buys anything from Scams is supporting and funding violence and terrorism against innocent American citizens.